DISH / Molly (supporting)                                                        Independent Feature / Isabel Teitler

ELEMENTARY / Katie (co-star)                                                CBS / Jeremy Webb  

HOLY WEEK / Pastor Ellen (supporting)                                 Independent Short / Charlotte Istel

FORT TRUMBULL / Stephie (supporting)                               Independent Short / Stephanie Jean Lane

SWAN SONG / Svetlana (lead)                                                 NYU Short / Tim Blake Nelson

GOODBYE DORIT / Kate (lead)                                                  NYU Short / Anna Gunndis Gudmunsdottir 

ROXY & ELI DATE THE SHIT OUT OF NYC / Wind (supporting)  Web Series / Sarah Rosen               


SLEEP NO MORE / Hecate, Agnes (current cast)                   Punchdrunk / Felix Barrett, Maxine Doyle

HOW TO TRANSCEND A HAPPY MARRIAGE (Workshop) / Pip  Lincoln Center Theater / Rebecca Taichman

I'M REVOLTING (Workshop) / Dr. Ellie Sabin                                 Less Than Rent / Moritz Von Stuelpnagel

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM / Helena                              Elm Shakespeare / Tina Packer

VANYA AND SONIA AND MASHA AND SPIKE / Nina              NYU Grad Acting / Benny Sato Ambush

CAUCASIAN CHALK CIRCLE / Natella Abashvili                     NYU Grad Acting / Tazewell Thompson

UNCLE VANYA / Maria Vasilyevna                                           NYU Grad Acting / Lisa Benavides

THE BRIDGETTE HOBBS CONNECTION / Liz                          NYU Grad Acting / Scott Illingworth (by Christina Anderson)

CONCRETE ORANGE / Farm Kid                                              Guthrie Theater / Randy Reyes

PLAYBOY OF THE WEST INDIES / Peggy                                 NYU Grad Acting / Vivienne Benesch

AFTER THE FALL / Maggie                                                       NYU Grad Acting / Sam Helfrich

THE MERCHANT OF VENICE / Portia                                       NYU Grad Acting / Rob Clare

THE DINNER SCENE / Mrs. Ramsay                                        La MaMa ETC / Jamie Watkins

AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS / Ensemble                      Berkshire Theater Group / Amy Brentano

SNOW WHITE / Jane                                                                 Minor Latham Theater / David Neumann


FORT TRUMBULL                                                                      Short Film, 2021release

"DAYNA," "ROULETTE," & "ALGORITHMS"                                Ten-minute plays for Society Theater Company

SWEAT SPOT 101 WITH DIANA RAMIREZ                               NYU Grad Acting Freeplay Festival

D/EVOLUTION OF THE SUPERHERO                                       The Brick Comic Book Theater Festival

LIGHTHOUSE TRIPTYCH                                                           LaMaMa ETC / The Brick / Dixon Place / Shanghai


THE GETTY MUSEUM, L.A. - Voice of permanent and temporary exhibits



M.F.A. New York University, Tisch School of the Arts - Graduate Acting Program, 2016

B.A. Barnard College, Columbia University

Dance: 20+ years - modern, hip hop, ballet, jazz; company member of Jenny Rocha & Her Painted Ladies

Singing: Emily Kron; Deb Lapidus; Wendy Waterman; Roxann Javore.  Mezzo-Soprano.


SKILLS: Dialects (IPA); combat (fisticuffs, sword, staff); all kinds of dance (including partner)

AEA - Member of Actors' Equity 

SAG - can-join

*Stephanie possesses both U.S. and Irish/EU Passports.