I've been making original theater and dance-theater work since 2009, as a writer, director, and choreographer.  I find my greatest joy in collaborating with artists I love and respect.

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Written and directed by Stephanie Jean Lane

Presented in December 2015 by NYU Grad Acting's Freeplay Festival

1 Act Play, 60 min

Featuring (L to R) Rachel Claire, Rosa Gilmore, Keren Lugo, and Jin Ha

Lighting by Derek Van Heel

Winter, 2015: Three students and one instructor gather every Wednesday night for a community dance-aerobics class in a small Connecticut town.  When private lives spill into the dance moves and personal traumas are aired, how does the group reconfigure to make room for the individuals in all their varied experience?


Adaptation and choreography by Stephanie Jean Lane

Musical score by Mark Van Hare

Directed by Jamie Watkins

3 Act Dance-Theater, 60 min

Presented in June, 2013 at The Brick with Kyle Gerry, and Mackenzie Jahnke, and Stephanie Jean Lane

Presented in January, 2013 at Dixon Place with Kyle Gerry, Stephanie Jean Lane, and Devon Werden

Adapted from Virginia Woolf's "To The Lighthouse," Lighthouse Triptych follows the structure of the 1927 novel with three stylistically distinct parts: Part 1 a solo dance-monologue of the matriarch Mrs. Ramsay's carefully constructed dinner party; Part 2 a three-person dance presenting the chaos wrought upon a family through the passage of time; and Part 3 a naturalistic one-act depicting the return to the family's abandoned seaside home after decades away.  

For the full show, watch here.


Concept by Stephanie Jean Lane

Created and performed by Michael Bradley Cohen, Leslie Fray, Jin Ha, and Stephanie Jean Lane

Presented June, 2014 in The Brick's Comic Book Theater Festival

1 Act Dance-Theater, 20 min

Four monologues, one big dance: At the core of every superhero lies their greatest fear, and all their powers are carefully crafted to prevent that fear from becoming reality.  

Let's dance about it.