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I'm an actor, writer, director and teacher whose first love is dance.  I live and work in New York City.  Born and raised in Milford, CT by an Irish father and a Chicagoan mother, with a brainy older brother, I grew up hungry to perform.  I trained at Lee Lund Studio of Dance, where if you worked hard enough in class, you might taste total freedom on stage, studied at Columbia University and Barnard College, where inspiration from other artists' work got converted into creative work of my own, and got my MFA from NYU Graduate Acting, where I grew a bit of fearlessness that I do my best to hold onto.


I find my deepest joy in collaborating with other artists.  It's led me to perform with exceptionally talented actors, dancers, and musicians, to create original work for stage and film, and to hone my understanding and deepen my love of performance, as a teacher and a coach.

LATELY . . . 


Screen Shot 2023-05-23 at 1.27.42 PM.png

I'm thrilled to be working with managers Lillian LaSalle and Lori Swift at Sweet180 Talent and Literary Management, and very grateful to continue to work with agents Ken Melamed and Zach Marlin at Bret Adams Agency.


Stephanie Jean Lane and Patrick Page in King Lear

Played Regan opposite Patrick Page as Lear in Shakespeare Theatre Company's King Lear, directed by Simon Godwin, in Washington D.C.

Peter Marks of The Washington Post said it was "one of the best versions of the tragedy I’ve ever seen. Maybe even the best.”  

The production smashed sales records at STC's box office and extended three times.

Photo by DJ Corey.


Society Theatre

Joined Society Theatre as one of four new members in their third season.  Currently engaged in research, development, and rehearsal toward company's third full-length production.



Short of the Week & Vimeo Staff Pick, October 2022.  WATCH HERE.


"As Enloquecer’s lead-character, Stephanie Jean Lane is remarkably compelling and as she takes us on this 11-minute emotional roller coaster, at any given moment she embodies a bunch of conflicting emotions and feelings.  It’s the authenticity of her performance that makes the tone of the film land and allows the comedy to thrive without turning into a one-dimensional farce." - Céline Roustan, Short of the Week


Palm Springs International Film Festival's ShortFest 2022

Nighthawk Shorts Fest 2022, Bushwick Film Fest, Crown Heights Film Fest, Tacoma Film Fest

Played the lead, Ela, opposite Bob Rutan in this short film written, directed, and edited by Hector Prats, produced by Yoko Kohmoto, and Kaelo Iyizoba, and shot by Michael Cong.


Stephanie Jean Lane Hecate Sleep No More Forbes

Stephanie Jean Lane as Hecate in Sleep No More.

Photo by Umi Akiyoshi.

Alternately played Hecate and Agnes in Punchdrunk's long-running immersive adaptation of Macbeth at the McKittrick Hotel, between 2018-2022.


FORT TRUMBULL Poster with laurels 11_21.png

Winner: Best Narrative Short at the 2021 Mystic Film Fest;

Semi-finalist, Best First Time Director: LA's Indie Shorts Fest;

Official Selection: Bridgeport Film Festival, New Haven Internat'l Film Fest

Short film written, directed and produced by Stephanie Jean Lane; Filmed in Milford, CT in February 2021. 

Watch here: Fort Trumbull on Vimeo

A man retraces his footsteps along a stretch of Long Island Sound each day during the winter of COVID, bumping into familiar faces as he goes. A meditation on isolation, memory, community, and loss, woven with text from Dylan Thomas' "A Child's Christmas in Wales," and dotted with humor.


Featuring Colin Lane, Dennis Manzi, Nancy A. Herman, Rebecca Zaretzky, Larry Kirwan, and Stephanie Jean Lane.

DP: Jordan Anstatt; Sound: Benjamin Eckersley

1st AD: Alison Wein; 2nd AD: Ra Williams

Poster by Rebecca Haden


Stephanie Jean Lane in My Unfinished Girl

Stephanie Jean Lane as Matilda Do-Right Do-Right in "My Unfinished Girl."

CO-CREATED and PERFORMED "My Unfinished Girl," a devised dance/music/digital art theater piece exploring the unfinished in life, with Kyra Sims and Sarah Todes.  Workshopped at The Carriage House in Stamford, NY in August 2021.  NYC premiere at The Cell Theatre in Chelsea, October 16, 2021 made possible by a $5000 grant from the New York Artist Corps through NYFA.


Poster for The Motherhood Project by Christy Escobar

DIRECTED staged reading of Christy Escobar's new play, "The Motherhood Project," featuring Escobar, Marinda Anderson, Rosa Gilmore, Keren Lugo, Kedren Spencer, and Sarah Todes, at The Cell Theatre in Chelsea, October 7, 2021.  

Poster artwork by Christy Escobar.



Caroline Grogan, Shpend Xani, Rosa Gilmore in Stephanie Jean Lane's play "Dayna"

Caroline Grogan, Shpend Xani, and Rosa Gilmore in :"Dayna."  

WROTE "Dayna," 10 minute play for Zoom directed by Paul Pontrelli, about three former restaurant co-workers reuniting to remember a bartender they worked with.  December, 2020.


Jose Maria Aguilar, Grant Harrison and Danielle Skraastad in "Dannon"

DIRECTED "Dannon" by Tim Nicolai, 10 minute play for Zoom about a small group of rabble-rousing Democrats trying to match Q-Anon in passion and disinformation in the 2020 political maelstrom.  Nov, 2020.

Annie Fox and Joshua David Robinson in Roulette by Stephanie Jean Lane

Annie Fox and Joshua David Robinson in "Roulette"

WROTE AND DIRECTED "Roulette," 10 minute play for Zoom featuring Annie Fox, Joshua David Robinson, and Brian Bock, about connecting with a stranger on the world wide web in isolated times.  September, 2020.

Leslie Fray and Rosa Gilmore in Algorithms by Stephanie Jean Lane

Leslie Fray and Rosa Gilmore in "Algorithms"

WROTE "Algorithms," 10 minute play for Zoom featuring Leslie Fray, Rosa Gilmore, and Christy Escobar, directed by Violeta Picayo, about conversations with friends surrounding race, privilege and the information we do and don't receive from social media.  July, 2020.

DIRECTED "Quinoa Court Town Hall" by Christy Escobar, 10 minute play for Zoom (with puppets) about the unwieldy task of teaching kids about protesting within the context of the Black Lives Matter movement.  June, 2020.


With (L to R) Rachel Claire, Rosa Gilmore, Keren Lugo, and Jin Ha

Lighting by Derek Van Heel

Written and directed by Stephanie Jean Lane

Presented in December 2015 by NYU Grad Acting's Freeplay Festival

1 Act Play, 60 min

Winter, 2015: Three students and one instructor gather every Wednesday night for a community dance-aerobics class in a small Connecticut town. When private lives spill into the dance moves and personal traumas are aired, how does the group reconfigure to make room for the individuals in all their varied experience?


For the full show, watch here.

Adaptation and choreography by Stephanie Jean Lane

Musical score by Mark Van Hare

Directed by Jamie Watkins

3 Act Dance-Theater, 60 min

Presented in June, 2013 at The Brick with Kyle Gerry, and Mackenzie Jahnke, and Stephanie Jean Lane

Presented in January, 2013 at Dixon Place with Kyle Gerry, Stephanie Jean Lane, and Devon Werden

Adapted from Virginia Woolf's "To The Lighthouse," Lighthouse Triptych follows the structure of the 1927 novel with three stylistically distinct parts: Part 1 a solo dance-monologue of the matriarch Mrs. Ramsay's carefully constructed dinner party; Part 2 a three-person dance presenting the chaos wrought upon a family through the passage of time; and Part 3 a naturalistic one-act depicting the return to the family's abandoned seaside home after decades away.  


Clockwise from L: Jin HaLeslie FrayStephanie Jean Lane,  Michael Bradley Cohen

Concept by Stephanie Jean Lane

Created and performed by Michael Bradley Cohen, Leslie Fray, Jin Ha, and Stephanie Jean Lane

Presented June, 2014 in The Brick's Comic Book Theater Festival

1 Act Dance-Theater, 20 min

Four monologues, one big dance: At the core of every superhero lies their greatest fear, and all their powers are carefully crafted to prevent that fear from becoming reality.  

Let's dance about it.

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